Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Dear Marek,

The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation(VBF) would like to thank you for your ongoing support. We continue to work tirelessly to provide fair and equal access to an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for those who have vascular birthmarks, anomalies, and/or related syndromes(VBARS).

We are very excited to announce that May is VBF’s International Month of Awareness for all VBARS. May will be a month of awareness and fundraising and we invite you to partner with us by:

  • Signing up for Amazon Smile with the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation as your charity to give while you shop
  • Sending us your video submissions to share how you or your loved one is “More Than A Birthmark”. See our submission guidelines here.
  • By “Putting On Your Birthmark” with us on May 15th, which is the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation’s International Day of Awareness—officially recognized by the US Congress in 2004. Share a photo of yourself or a loved one with a red heart and use the hashtag #putonyourbirthmark. Make sure to tag us at social media when you post, or send your image to so we can share.

For more information about our Awareness campaigns, click here. For more ways you can support VBF, click here. May 15th is VBF’s International Day of Awareness for all vascular birthmarks, anomalies, and/or related syndromes (VBARS) and to learn more you can click here.

We can’t wait to celebrate our Month of Awareness with you! Together, we can continue the movement.

The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation