Your song will be composed for you, is super unique and only with your music license.Also for Spotify, Apple. Your music - your profits.(from Germany)

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Brand new every time.

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1. Joker.

Personalised musical composition

tailored to any special occasion.

Name or digit In Notes is what we do!


Tell us which special occasion

you are celebrating

and the name of your special person

and we

will compose a unique piece of music

using the musical letters of their

name or digit .

Personalized musical composition

for any special occasion.
A BESPOKE and UNIQUE gift for .....

A loved one,
Anniversary,Wedding,Birthdays,Friendship,Thank You

2. Your numbers - your music. 

Your date of birth - your music. 

Everyone can compose music.

You can try it for free.

Your unique piece of music is always unique and new.

Examples of unlimited music choices.


Compositions (instrumental) - the most

popular styles of music with stems,

WAV, MP3, MIDI and sheet

music including the score.

Pop, rock, modern, heavy metal, film music.


This enables an increase in the sound quality

and thus also improves your music production.

Selection of MusicPay24 but your music direction, style.

I'll come tomorrow...see you soon. (Copyright MML).Dance.

Podcast for you from musicpay24

Glasgow(Fantasy).Copyright bei Marek Lipski(Joker)

Oxford(Piano,Orchester,)Copyright bei Marek Lipski(Joker)

Piano by Marek Lipski

Rock-Heavy Metal by Marek Lipski

Rock-Heavy Metal by Marek Lipski

Rita by Marek Lipski(Dance)

3. MusicPay24:Project and plan for children.

Example of music composition based

on the simple numbers (digits).

Children learn to compose,

code numbers in the music world.

Enter numbers and the music notes come.

This time the  Numbers(demo):

5,2,3,2 ,6,2,3,2 (Sol,Re,Mi,Re,La,Re,Mi,Re)


Greetings to Texas and my family in USA.

PS. rental service. In Germany, EU, USA.
You can hire me or team.With contract.
After that, money in advance or advance,

because that's an art.

1700 euros + VAT per month for 160 jokers (approx. 10.60 euros per joker).
Instead of 4800 euros (30 euros per joker x 160).

Or simply by arrangement.

Coming soon to Ebay.